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Benjamin Osvald Lasnier (also known as Benjamin Lasnier in Instagram) was born on April 2, 1999, is a Danish-French Worlwide Internet Sensation and he also known as the one of The Most Famous People on Instagram. He raised from Copenhagen, Denmark. He accumulated himself a millions of fans on Facebook, Twitter, and also on Youtube, wherein he posts videos of himself singing.Benjamin Osvald has a girlfriend called Eliana.Eliana is 15 years old.Her birthday is on April 5 1999.

About LifeEdit

April 2013, Lasnier was sitting on a restaurant in Denmark with his cousin. His cousin convinced him to join on Instagram. He uploading his first self-portrait or selfie -- and within 30 minutes, it had over 50 likes. He continued uploading selfies and now he has over 1M followers. June 2013, he called his fans Benzilers' (a clumsy adaption of Justin Biebers 'Beliebers') or Lasniators (adaption from his surname). July 2013, he continued posting 12 pictures a day, on Instagram, in optimal times of different time zones. Each pictures attracts 50,000-plus likes. Through his selfies, he follows back his followers -- fewer than 1,000 people.

Social Sites & Music CareerEdit

Benzilers spread from all over the world. Lasnier got over 700,000 YouTube subscribers, 250,000 Twitter followers, 1M Instagram followers, and 4M Facebook fans. He got a record deal with Sony Music, Denmark last March 2013 -- when he had 760,000 Instagram followers.

End-year 2013, Belasnier came out. Belasnier is a selling clothes memorable made by himself. His inspirational artist is Justin Bieber and in the first few months, he was now a Danish Justin Bieber. He visited a Justin Bieber concert in Hamburg, Denmark in 2013 on his birthday. He also discovered his potential and he idolized Michael Jackson too. He made himself an idol without pretending someone else.

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