Benjamin Drew Lasnier was in born in Denmark. His date of birth:4 April 1999

Benjamin got famous by instagram, and said he going to cracked america.

His favorite colour is: purple and green.

He big on social networking like instagram,Facebook and twitter.

This teenager is making all of the teen girls fall in love and teen boys look up to him. Benji (as people call him)  has fans called Benzilers or Belasnier.... He's a heartthrob like the young Justin Bieber. This insta famous teenager gaining thousands of fans and have contract with Sony in 2013.

Benjamin do covers on YouTube, hoping to be like his idol Justin Bieber, one of his covers are 'Last Christmas ' was amazing!

This teen has a big future ahead of him.... I would be willing to interview with this insta famous teen. 

Follow him on instagram and  twitter: @benjaminlasnier. You might be lucky he follows lucky benzilers on twitter and instagram :) 

Also follow @that_bitch_lou on instagram and @benjaminlasnier 

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